My 2018-19 Season Review! At The Cardiff City Stadium

I just want to say, guys, before the video starts, in this video I recorded by a bunch of roads. It was pretty close to roads. So if you cannot hear, then I’m sorry. But if you hear closely, trust me, you’ll be able to hear every word I’m saying. Just that sometimes cars are a bit annoying like that. And, obviously, I can’t really record outside without background noise. Next time I record outside I will go away from roads. That might be a bit smarter. But you guys should be able to hear me anyway, so enjoy the video. Hope you guys like it.

Hey, guys, welcome back to another video on the Always a Bluebird channel. And today, guys, I am here at the Cardiff City Stadium, and I will be doing my season review on our season here with Cardiff. I wanted to come here because, obviously, I don’t really record outside much, but this’ll be the perfect place to give my season review. And I wanted to make this video as good as possible. But, yeah, it’s going to be cool to record here. It’s my first ever video here, so that’s going to be sick. But while I’ll be going through with my favorite football match of the season, favorite game I’ve been to, and just talking about how I thought our season’s been.

So, first of all, this season, for me, has been amazing because we done a lot better than people thought. People thought we were going to finish 20th, but, obviously, we didn’t. We finished 18th, which is a lot better than most people would think. But, yeah, it was … I thought we done really well. We showed a lot of fight, especially compared to teams like Huddersfield and Fulham. We done better than them. And Fulham spent way more money than us. Obviously, most of our money went down the drain with the death of Sala, which is still very, very sad. But I thought we could have easily stayed up, as well. We drew to Huddersfield twice. We lost to Fulham. There’s loads of games that we could have won to stayed up, but we just didn’t. That’s just the reality of things. That’s just unlucky on our part. And we should have done better in those games.

But, in the games we did win, they were very, very good wins, especially away at Leicester; away at Southampton; away at United; home, Southampton; home, Brighton; away at Brighton; Fulham, home. A lot of those games we did win. We had more wins than Southampton and Brighton, and somehow we didn’t stay up, so that was a bit gutted. But, obviously, we’re looking forward to the Championship. Apparently we’re fourth favorites to win it. It depends who we sign, honestly. I will be keeping you updated with Cardiff Weekly on that. But I thought it’s been a good season all around for us. I’m very proud of the lads. Everyone who done anything towards it.

I think our player of the season definitely was Neil Etheridge, in my opinion. And young player of the season, for me, was Callum Paterson. Players’ player of the season, obviously, went to Camarasa, but that’s on the players, not my opinion. And, yeah, also, if you can hear a road in the background I apologize for that. Hopefully you can still be able to hear and all that, but, yeah, I’m [inaudible 00:02:51]. But I’m very excited, so let’s get on to my favorite game of the season, just in general.

So my favorite game of the season that we won was probably Brighton away, because how big it was at the time. If we lost that game, we would definitely, 100%, been down anyway, but we managed to win that game with goals from Mendez-Laing and our captain, Sean Morrison, which was very, very good and I’m really, really proud of us for winning that game. And we digged deep and got the win in the end.

My favorite game that I’ve been to was probably Leicester away or Southampton away or United away, because Leicester away we scored in the last minute, beat a very, very good team. United, we beat them 2-0 at Old Trafford. And then Southampton, we beat them, who were … Obviously, Southampton are a good team. And we company have easily stayed up from that, as well. So, obviously. We scored in the last minute against Southampton and Leicester, which was good on our part. But, hopefully, I can actually come up with a decision here. Southampton … The importance of Southampton was big, as well, how important it was, that game that we won. United was a good win just because of how big a club United are, and where it was, obviously, Old Trafford. Overall, I would say United was my favorite game I’ve been to, but our best win was probably Southampton because of the importance of it.

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