Sabri pre-WBA from the Manager

On Tuesday morning, City boss Sabri Lamouchi spoke with the press to preview their upcoming midweek home encounter with West Bromwich Albion. Lamouchi began by acknowledging that West Brom had a difficult start to their season but managed to fix things by making the right change at the right time and appointing the right manager. He also highlighted that West Brom has a good squad with experienced players and will come with a strong team. According to Lamouchi, Carlos Corberán, the manager of Huddersfield Town, is doing a fantastic job and has his team looking at the Play-Offs.

Lamouchi emphasized that it will be a tough game for many reasons, and his team needs to find more consistency as they have lost too many games. He stated that they need to fight until the end and give nothing to the opponent. The Bluebirds have won their last two home games but are fully aware of the battle they are still in.

The City boss stated that they are just looking for points and need to fight and do the job game-after-game. They are in the final sprint and have a difficult game on Wednesday and another on Saturday. If they win three games, Lamouchi believes they will be safe, but they are looking for maximum points from every game. He also mentioned that he is putting the table in the restaurant, medical room, and locker room so that the players know where they stand and are aware of the situation.

Lamouchi revealed that Ryan Allsop would be back from suspension but would have to do without Cédric Kipré, who is on loan from West Brom. He also stated that he has two options to cover but not more and will see what he will do. With injuries, Joe Ralls will probably be with the team as he trained yesterday and will train again today. They will also assess Connor Wickham’s situation.

Lamouchi stressed that his team cannot afford to give up and must fight until the end of the season. He acknowledged that the Championship is a tough league, and every point matters, especially as the season comes to a close.

The City boss also discussed the importance of consistency and how scoring first can make all the difference. He highlighted the fact that when his team scores first, they usually win, but when they concede first, they tend to lose. He believes that his team needs to work on their mental toughness and resilience to overcome these challenges.

Lamouchi ended his press conference by stating that his team needs to give nothing to the opponent and fight until the end. He believes that his team has what it takes to succeed and is confident that they will achieve their goals if they continue to work hard and give their best in every game.

Overall, Lamouchi’s press conference highlighted the importance of consistency, mental toughness, and resilience in achieving success in the Championship. He emphasized the need for his team to fight until the end and give nothing to the opponent, and he is confident that his team has what it takes to succeed.

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